UNILOG is the authorized distributor in Lebanon and the Middle East for SAGE ERP and has the “SAGE Business Partner” & “SAGE Competence Center for Consultancy and Hotline” accreditation.

sage crm lebanon

Customer Relationship Management

Enjoy the performance of an integrated CRM solution
Discover the advantages of a Sage CRM solution www.sagecrm.com  integrated into your management system

Offer a customer service of excellence

  • Automate your sales
  • Take advantage of relevant business information
  • Post targeted ads
  • Manage your contacts effectively
  • Centralize your business information
sage hrm lebanon

PayRoll and Human Resources Management

Sage HRM www.sage.com A solution connected to your ecosystem. Easily and quickly complete pay slips and social statements, in full compliance:

  • Prepare your paychecks serenely
  • Manage your human resources
  • Dematerialize all payroll and HR processes
  • Manage schedules
  • Master your administrative management
  • Let yourself be guided
  • Broaden your declarative component
  • Manage your business
sage x3 lebanon

Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3)

For medium and large companies.

A 100% web solution that will help you take control of your entire business, from supply chain to sales, for all businesses looking for greater efficiency, flexibility, and insight.

  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Reporting and Business Analytics
  • User Workspace
  • Payroll Management
  • Mobile Web Apps
  • Administration and Support
  • Cloud Connectivity
sage 100cloud

Sage 100Cloud

For small and medium companies.

Sage 100cloud will help you manage your manufacturing, distribution, and service industry processes from beginning to end. Unite your company so you can grow revenues, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

  • Simplify the financials of the company
  • Report on the supply chain
  • Take control of the business
  • Automate financial processes
  • Improve reporting accuracy